Apostolic Revival Church Southaven

Connecting and equipping. 

Those are two words that describe ARC and it's mission in Southaven. We strive to connect people to a living savior, Jesus Christ and then equip them in their walk with Him daily. We keep it simple.


a message from pastor flowers

Jesus Christ is the reason we can all celebrate. He gave His life for us so that we can be saved from our sinful nature. Getting to know Jesus comes through our reading the Bible with a desire to understand what it speaks into our lives. God wants you to know Him as much as He knows you. He desires a relationship with you that goes far beyond just a casual acknowledgement. Luke 19:10 says, "“For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.” God became a man because He is seeking to save us. 

During the year 2018, our theme for ARC is two words. By Faith. I believe that God is doing the miraculous and will continue to do the miraculous in our lives by faith. It is an unflinching, unyielding faith in God that will lead and guide us through this journey of life. Regardless of where you find yourself in this journey of life, remember to have faith in God and He will bring you through it. We welcome you and your family to ARC and look forward to the future as we grow together with God.